mont blanc doodle
Google Doodle depicting the first ascent of Mont Blanc in the Alps mountains in 1786 on August 8.

Google Doodle Celebrates 229 Years of Mont Blanc Peak First Ascent

Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco, which literally means “White Mountain”, is the European equivalent of Mt Everest in the Alps, with 4,807 metres (15,771 ft) above sea level, that was ascended on 8 August 1786 by Jacques Balmat along with Doctor Michel Paccard giving fodder for a doodle today on Google.

“Today we celebrate Europe’s pioneering spirit, stunning landscapes, and one-of-a-kind landmarks including the incredible Mont Blanc,” said Google on its Doodle blog.

Celebrating the 229th anniversary, Google has brought out a doodle showing Mont Blanc, which is capped by snow and shrouded in mist, depicting the highest point in the Alps mountains in Europe. It also shows two little men climbing to the peak, who were Frenchmen Michel Gabriel Paccard and Jacques Balmat.

Armed with alpenstocks and measuring equipment, Paccard and Balmat set foot at the top of Mont Blanc on August 8, 1786, that nobody dared to ascend and return live for centuries. Lord Byron called it “the monarch of mountains” as it is covered with ice forever.

However, the Google Doodle has no animation as is the case with many doodles of late but certainly brings the chill to visitors on its search page. Once you click the doodle, it takes you to the search page depicting the ‘Mont Blanc first ascent” and brings forth links connected to the ascendance 229 years ago.

“Now, 229 years later, thousands of hopeful hikers annually descend upon the Alpine towns of Chamonix, Saint-Gervais, and Courmayeur to recreate this exceptional feat, and take in this incredible view,” said the blog post.

Last year, on August 8, 2014 Google Doodle celebrated Father’s Day in Taiwan while in 2013 on the same day, it sported a doodle on Mugunghwa Day.

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Mugunghwa Day Doodle on August 8, 2013.






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