Google Chromebit Answers Million Queries of Computer in a USB Stick

With Microsoft Windows cheap laptops set to unleasha price war with ChromeBook both clashing over a pricetag of $149, here is another computing solution from Google’s stable — Asus chromebit, which is just a USB stick or a computer in your pocket.

To be priced lesser around $79 to $99, the new USB stick can enhance the computing power of your old computer or laptop without the need to replace it. Those who are used to their old monitor, keyboard and mouse, can just buy this enhancer USB stick to use Google products in cloud.

The device, similar to Google Chromecast, sports an HDMI connector device for monitors or TVs, with a microUSB connector for power, wireless capability, and a processor. Asus has also added a full-size USB connector for plugging in a USB hub, and its hardware includes all the features in a traditional Chromebook of either Haier or Hisense.

chromebitEssentially, the Chromebit is a replacement for enhancements required for your computer and poses a direct challenge to any need to replace your old laptop either. Using the Chromebit in the slot for HDMI port of the laptop, it takes over as a new computer for all your online browsing, gmail checks and of course, work-related online browsing on the go.

“We’re very happy in that we’ve played a part in moving computing a little bit further,” explains Caesar Sengupta, the vice president for Google. “Think of the different use cases — Think of an Internet cafe, where you have a monitor, you have a keyboard, and mouse, you’re stuck with an old desktop. It’s probably never been updated, pretty insecure. Think of a school lab, all the peripherals, but stuck to a desktop. Now you can replace that.”

The Chromebit is not new but an improvement by Google keeping an eye on the pulse of the market. Several such devices were in the pipeline since 2010 starting from Rockchip’s “mini PC” from Tronsmart, Dell’s Ophelia, and an Android-powered computing stick.

Google hype into basic computing needs riding on its cloud computing products may force Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to sit back and review again the launch of Windows 10 laptops this year. Google’s Chrombit can be made cheaper in comparison armed with a suite of cloud services—Gmail, Drive, Maps, and others.

The global sales of Chromebook sales last year stood at 25 million while the overall PC sales crossed more than 302 million. Now with these new products, PC sales may soon disappear with cheap laptop sales and Chromebit USB sales.


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