Google Chrome Crashes if You Enter ‘http://a/%%30%30’ in Browser, Why?

Google Chrome, supposedly a robust Internet browser from Google, is prone to crash whenever a 16-character string ‘http://a/%%30%30’ is entered, said Reddit.

The popular online bulletin board is beset with discussion on the possibel reason for the crash and it is pointed out that the crash occurs in google chrome’s latest version and also in Opera browser on Windoes operationg system.

Whenever users enter the simple ‘http://a/%%30%30’ text in the browser field, the Chrome is reported to crash or become unresponsive for long before crashing but Android and Mac OS operating systems are found to be exceptions to this crash.

Even hovering cusrsor on this url or link would cause Google chrome to crash and the discussion shows that it could be because the page is pre-loading information that makes Chrome to utilize and then crash.

However, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox have not reported any such crash when this link is clicked or entered in the browser.

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