Google at 14: World Awaits More Success

Google is 14 years old now and has many success stories to celebrate and huge expansion plans to talk about and, of course, major breakthroughs to mention. The world awaits more from Google than any individual government or company.

Registered on September 15, 1997, Google turned into a company a year later and began employing its first batch of engineers who are now millionaires and experts in their own right.

Currently, the company has 54,604 full-time employees; 34,311 in the Google business and 20,293 at its recently acquired outfit Motorola.

But Google still failed to deliver on many promises that it made sayin the last 10 years. One of them was its offer on space elevator project with millions of prize money that has failed to provide any breakthrough in the project. Not to speak of tens of off-the-cuff projects which were terminated intermittently over the past decade, mention may be made of Google X, Waves, buzz and others. But Goggles and driverless cars still make do with the success to cover.

Time for Google to open up its invitation for new ideas not merely from the US but all over the world to emerge as a global firm.

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