Google Adsense April 1 Joke Amuses Shocked Publishers

Google adsense, the product that lets website owners earn their living and check daily or some hourly checks were in shock on Tuesday when they found the website virtually showing something unimagineable.

Google adsense has added the option to track website visitors not by countries or continents but by planets and moons, reflecting perhaps a situation a century from now.

Interestingly, it shows even revenues from Mars to the extent of 52 cents, from the moon 54 cents, Europa 66 cents and the earth counting for another 39 cents.

moonTop planets and moons
Estimated earnings
Planets and moons Estimated earnings
Europa $0.66
The Moon $0.54
Mars $0.52
Earth $0.39.

When someone clicks the option View Planets, the following pop up appears: “We’re sorry, some data in this report is delayed, please try again later. There’s no impact to ad serving or payments.”

There it is. Google’s way of April 1 Joke of 2014.

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