Google+ adds image search to +1 button

Search engine giant Google has extended its +1 button to images, making it easier to recommend a photo or a painting to friends.

“By hovering over one of the images, you can quickly recommend (a) photo to your friends by clicking the +1 button,” wrote Google’s Software engineer Xiaorui Gan in a blog post. The +1 button was launched in March enabling people make recommendations from the search results page.

Recommendations from your friends help you to know where to eat, which movie to watch and where to go for your next trip, says Gan.

If you have visited say the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Latin America, and “want to inspire a few of your climbing buddies to join you, you search for [mount kilimanjaro summit] and switch to Images mode to find rows and rows of photos testifying that this peak can indeed be conquered. By hovering over one of the images, you can quickly recommend this photo to your friends by clicking the +1 button.”

Once they’re on board and start searching, you’ll be able to quickly spot images they’ve recommended — you’ll see annotations on the images they’ve +1’d on your search results page.

However, this is tied to Google+ profile and you’ll need to create a profile before you can start +1’ing images. “Your image +1’s will appear in the +1 tab of your profile, where you can see all of your recommendations in one place and delete those you no longer feel strongly about. To see +1’s on the image results page you’ll need to be logged into your Google Account.”

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