Gmail Introduces ‘Undo Send’ Button; How to Install?

Those who are familiar with Outlook email system know the value of aborting an email in seconds after misdirecting or making a mistake. They can go to mails in sending mode and abort them.

GMAIL from Google, however, never weighed the issue in the past seriously but owing to its potential use, the largest email provider in the world has decided to introduce the feature and it is up for use now.

Called “Undo Send”, the button should end the nightmares of those who push the button ‘send’ in hurry and realise that it is reaching the wrong person or wrong mail altogether.

undo buttonNow, in Gmail you can correct mistakes by pressing the UNDO SEND button immediately so you can save face and avoid embarrassment in time. The new feature allows Gmail users to retrieve their “oops” emails by not sending them immediately but allowing a delay time on all outgoing messages by five to 30 seconds, depending on how paranoid the user is.

To enable “Undo Send” button, go to “Settings” under the gear icon, and select UNDO SEND with a click and enter the cancellation time period.

In the past, the option was available for Gmail users from the application to be downloaded from Gmail Labs that was introduced in 2009. Those who had already opted for the function under Google Labs will now get it enabled automatically by default.

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