Games show the way to HR job-filling challenge

The number of companies using games for hiring and engagement is on the rise.

The so-called Gamification is a new concept entering the new HR ecosystem and employers are experimenting it despite apprehensions.

It is learnt that 66% organisations are considering using this concept in near future while 25% organisations use gamification for the purpose of recruitment

Nearly 34% employers believe the ability of gamification to tap into the competitive drive of the employees is the key benefit of gamification, according to Times Jobs’ columnist Dr Dan Harrison, CEO of Harrison Assessments. He also says the assessments made available by and TJinsite, the research site of the

Here are the findings:

Gamification, by definition, is the application of game mechanics and game design techniques to non-game applications and scenarios to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification has an extensive area of application ranging from being a tool for customer engagement, health and wellness programs to employee training programs.


Gamify employee engagement!

In recent times, gamification has been used in the work scenario for various employee engagement and recruitment initiatives. According to a recently concluded survey, nearly 60% of the surveyed employers use gamification for employee engagement. When asked about the key benefit of using gamification for employee engagement, about 43% of the surveyed employers vouched that gamification generates compelling stories that drive enhanced employee participation. Nearly 27% employers believe that gamification generated achievable short term goals and prepare employees for reward driven long term goals.

Employers today couple gamification with social media to attain efficient talent engagement tools. Anil Garg, vice president, Human Resource, Whirlpool, said during a recent boardroom dialogue that they have been extensively using social media along with gamification to engage prospective talent. They use cryptic puzzles through social media to keep the brand connect alive.

Play games and get hired!

Employers today are ready to experiment with their hiring strategies and gamification seems to be another innovation approach in this direction. According to the survey results, nearly 25% employers use gamification for the purpose of recruitment. They screen potential candidates for attributes like competitive drive and multi tasking abilities that would set them apart from other candidates who are only academically fit for the job.

Gamification plays an important role in crowdsourced recruitment. Madu Ratnayake, vice president, Virtusa’s social business strategy and global quality framework, said, “You get to real “crowd sourced” recruitment when you effectively engage your entire employee base as brand ambassadors and lead generators in the recruitment effort. Gamification is a powerful tool to create that excitement and tap into the competitive spirit of your employees to make every single one of them an “active talent scout”. Hiring contests, leaderboards and badges are the building blocks of a social gamified recruitment process.”

Not all fun and games

Although gamification has wide-ranging applications in the work scenario, the process has yet to carve its niche in the HR ecosystem. The recent survey results highlighted the fact that only 22% of the surveyed employers employ gamification as their hiring strategy. Nearly 66% employers are considering using this process in near future. Being a rather new concept, there is a lot of curiosity involving this process. Organisations are carefully analysing all the potential shortcomings of the process before they decide to take the leap.

The recent survey results threw some light on some of the potential limitations of using gamification in work scenario. About 39% of surveyed employers believe the concept’s lack of universal organisational appeal is the major demerit of gamification. Successful models are generally required by most new concepts to pave the way. Gamification hardly has any. Nearly 20% surveyed employers this to be the most acute shortcoming of gamification. Also there is a major dearth of games with universal appeal.

Gamification in the work scenario is yet to evolve into an efficient hiring and talent engagement tool”.  (Source:

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