Funds From Animal Slaughter Pumped into Terrorism, says Maneka Gandhi

Union Minister for Woman and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi on Sunday said that fund earned from illegal animal trade of slaughtered milking animals is pumped into terrorism.
The minister called for a ban on export of meat from India. She said, "Export of all kinds of meat of animals should be banned and the animal welfare activists should launch a countrywide movement for the illegal slaughtering of animals.”
Known as an animal rights activist and environmentalist, she alleged that the money earned through illegal animal slaughtering was going into terrorism after quoting a report submitted to Uttar Pradesh Police four years ago. After, she raised a question, “Money through trade of slaughtered animals goes into terrorism, therefore goes into killing us, why are we allowing this?”
Gandhi said, “India kills more animals than even China. Milking animals are being slaughtered & illegally traded to Bangladesh & Middle-East. We are the largest beef exporters in the world and also killing them for leather production.” She claimed that it is going into terrorism, bomb making and it is going into killing people.
She said that the increasing demand for meat of milking cows in the Middle East leads to scarcity of healthy milk and the subsequent adulteration of dairy products in India. She clarified the issue as economic but not a religious or communal issue. "A slaughterer could be a Muslim but the transporter and the owners of the cows are often Hindus and non-Muslims. So it is not about religion but about trade and greed for money," she said.
India is illegally exporting beef to Bangladesh and they claim of exporting about 160,000 tonnes of beef. "But as a matter of fact, Bangladesh do not own a single cow," she said.
While expressing her concern about India being the world’s largest beef exporter, Minister called on NGOs, volunteers and civil society to study the forest and wildlife acts properly and try to prevent such illegal trade by alarming the municipal authorities about them. She said that in the growing Indian culture, cosmetic research and animal experimentation needs to be contained.
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