Full fossil of small dinosaur found in South Korea

One of the smallest species of dinosaur skeleton fossil was found by South Korean paleontologists in rare condition, the first such discovery of its kind in the country.

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage in Seoul said the skeleton, which was found in a geologic formation in Hadong, some 450 km south of Seoul, belongs to a theropod and is about 28 cm tall and 5.7 cm long and with a 2.6-cm wide skull.

The carnivorous dinosaur belongs to the same family as the large tyrannosaurus which appeared 228 million years ago and lived until 65 million years ago and from which some modern birds have descended, the institute said in a statement.

It is “the only dinosaur fossil in which the vertebrae remain connected to the ribs”, noted the institute in its press release.

The South Korean paleontologists are upbeat over the discovery and are gearing up for more finds in the area to determine the stage of development of the animal and to see if it was related to other theropods whose remains have been found in the country earlier.

Till now, paleontologists in South Korea had only been able to locate fragments of bones belonging to theropods not the one with who skeleton in tact

Other findings in South Korea include pterodactyl teeth fossils and those of pukyongosaurus, a long-necked herbivore digged out in Hadong in South Gyeongsand province.

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