From Now on Get Free Drinking Water at Cinemas

The National Consumer Court has asked Cinema theatres all over the country to provide proper drinking water facility inside the halls.

“Appropriate water purifiers need to be installed with water coolers so that the water available is free from the impurities. Disposable glasses in sufficient quantity need to be kept available,” said the NCDRC bench headed by justice VK Jain in a ruling.

The order said all theatre owners or managements should ensure that water supply is available through regularly-serviced coolers before the movie as well as through the course of the film.

“If for any reason water supply is not available on a particular day, alternative arrangements for free potable drinking water to cinemagoers need to be made available by the owners,” said the NCDRC.

Currently, movie-goers should buy water bottles from the food outlets in cinema theatres or go out of the movie theatre to get water. Especially, the multiplexes have been the major culprits charging heavily for water bottle, far more than the MRP rates.


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