Apple orders supply of 90 million iphone 6s, 6s plus devices from China.

From Car Keys to Credit Cards, Apple Watch to Replace Many Hand-held Devices

apple watchAs Apple’s entry into our lives replaced the age-old walkman to laptop for many daily chores, its latest wearable iWatch will replace car keys and credit cards from your pockets, setting in new life-style the way iPhone did a decade ago with Steve Jobs ushering in a virtual revolution replacing ordinary mobile phones and laptops.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Telegraph of London in an interview that the Apple Watch to be released at a special event on March 9 for which Apple has sent out invites already. Apple Watch will replace many hand-held devices in our daily life and its battery lasts the whole day.

Besides car keys, it replaces the clumsy, large fobs in many vehicles, the watch has been remodelled to suit the store experience for consumers and all user verification and financial transactions online will be done with just a click on the display screen of the watch, he said without giving the details during his visit to Apple’s Covent Garden store in London.

Apple has tweaked its gadgets after it released the CarPlay last March to allow drivers access contacts on their iPhones, make calls or listen to voice-mails while on the go without using their hands away from the steering wheel.

Apple is also planning to monitor the experience of the Apple Watch owners with rewards and use it to improve the utility value of the wearable device to “be correct to 50 millisecond”, according to Cook.

Reuters has recently reported that the iPhone and iWatch maker is exploring a self-driving electric car and its binge of recruitments from other automotive industries has triggered lawsuits too. Apple Watch is expected to be priced around $350 in the US for the basic unit with accessories and add-ons costing further . In UK the price is expected to be around £300, including VAT. Available in 3 models, the company is expecting to sell about 6 million devices in its first launch.

Apple is also expected to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Apple Watch based on its iOS 8.2 and developers have been given a first glance at the iPhone companion app that will work alongside the wearable device to customise the settings.

Ahead of the watch’s release in April, Barrons reports, Global Equities Research’s Trip Chowdhry has predicted that Apple Watch could already have as many as 100,000 apps by the time it goes on sale. Some variants of Apple Watch have been displayed at the Paris Fashion Week recently.

“By April 10’2015, we are expecting 100,000 Apple Watch Apps on AppStore. Currently, on an average there are 65 Apps per iPhone. We are estimating that an average Apple Watch will have 100 Apps per Apple Watch. There will be no single killer app for Apple Watch – each user will have their own set of Killer Apps… one way to think is that the consumer is getting 100 different devices in one Apple Watch.

Another feature is that Apple is reportedly offering buyers their own specs to choose from a 38mm or a 42mm height case available in stainless steel, silver aluminium, 18-carat yellow gold, space black, space grey or 18-carat rose gold, reports said.

The 42mm version will have a screen with a 390 x 312 pixel resolution and the 38mm model’s screen will feature 340 x 272 pixel resolution, according to reports. In addition, customers are offered a wide variety of straps from different colours available in leather, plastic and metal forms.

The fact that it was displayed at the Paris Fashion Week also reiterates its appeal to the luxury brand category, making it not only an exclusive wearable device but also a fashion statement for the celebrities around the world. To make it a rich brand, Apple Watch division has roped in a sales director of Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer.

Usable via iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, the Apple Watch settings for the clock, messaging, passcode, fitness, texting and other features cane be accessed and pre-fixed, according to media reports.

With multiple features, the device is likely to replace even the use of iPhones eventually, according to the specs incorporated in the device.

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