French Writer Patrick Modiano Gets Nobel Literature Prize 2014

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The Nobel Prize 2014 in Literature has been given to French author Patrick Modiano! “For the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies,” said the Swedish academy while announcing the prize on Thursday.

Born 30 July 1945, Modiano, winner of the Grand prix du roman de l’Académie française, emerged the winner of 2014 Nobel Prize laureate in literature.

The Kenyan writer is on top with 7/2 on Ladbrokes, followed by Murakami at 9/2, while Philip Roth, the latest addition to the list with 12/1 is fast moving up in the ladder and may turn out to be the safe choice, going by the tradition of Nobel foundation.

The winner of 2014 Nobel prize in literature will take home 8 million kronor or Rs.8.3 crore. The awards ceremony will be held on Dec.10,2014.

So far, 106 Nobel Prizes in Literature have been awarded from 1901 onwards and 13 women have been awarded the Literature Prize so far. at the age of 42, Rudyard Kipling was the youngest Literature Laureate ever, best known for “The Jungle Book”.

Doris Lessing, was 88 years and was the oldest Literature Laureate ever, when she received the Prize in 2007. Otherwise, 64 is the average age of the Nobel Laureates in Literature.

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