French Open 2015: Andy pumps up in semi-final clash against Novak, storm ceases play

Novak Djokovic sent a dreadful signal to Andy Murray when he crushed 9-time defending champion, Spaniard Rafael Nadal in the quarter finals of French Open. Although the semi final clash was much anticipated many thought this year would make Novak’s ‘dream come true’ of completing a career slam by winning all four majors, it seems vague now.

On Friday, in the mighty showdown, Djokovic grabbed an enormous lead against Murray just like everyone expected – the match provided constant show of fantastic tennis though between two of the world’s topmost players. However, as they say “never write off anybody.”

Murray who played like a deserving player throughout the first two sets, gathered some inevitable spirit in the third set – returning the ball from the end of courts, making Djokovic play more to win a point, and executing beautiful and unplayable drop shots. The result was a third set win, and Djokovic pushed to hang around even more to win a chance to be in the final again.

Towards the end of the second set, Andy committed some sloppy unforced errors. He roared at himself, disgusted. However, all those errors transmuted into accurate and calculative winners that Novak couldn’t even reach out to in the third set. He held his serve with both the players engaging in long rallies, draining both of them off immensely. The match notched up another level.​

Call it luck or destiny, the fantastic showdown was ceased by storm and prediction of heavy rain as Andy trailed behind Novak by one set to two. Both were tied by three games in the fourth set.

Andy howled at the French audience, urging them to “fire up” as he slapped down a classic shot, taking a 180-degree turn in the tenth game of the fourth set.

While leaving the court, Novak looked stunned while Andy clapped. The French audiences were truly fired up, promised of more to unravel as the match resumes today.

Considering of how things looked yesterday, it could have gone in Andy’s favour had the match continued until its end. However as a new day begins, Novak will certainly come back with freshly acquired resilience and mental stability – already aware of Andy’s plan by now.

The Scot has to believing himself if he at all has any chance against the Serbian at a shot in the final against Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka, and continue playing like he started off towards the end yesterday – offensive and dauntless.

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