Freak Incidents in London Trigger Fears of Terrorist Attack?


In what was not in line with established terrorist attacks, a freak accident on Thames Bridge threw off chaos and later one man with knives was shot dead for attacking a policeman in front of the British Parliament.

However, the Police are suspecting it to be a terrorist attack and investigating. But the incidents have raised alarm around parliament and Prime Minister Theresa May was rushed in cover into her Westminster office.

London was just coming out of a mock drill on Thames River couple of days ago and today’s attack had glaring absence of terrorists as was seen in Paris exactly a year ago. Nor was it anywhere near the Mumbai terrorist attacks to assume that they were terrorist-driven attacks. It could certainly pass off as an act by an enraged man or a mentally ill person.

However, the confusion throughout the afternoon, with ambulances, emergency vehicles and heavily armed security officers cordoning off Parliament and business streets of London being evacuated, seemed nearer to a drill. However, more details are expected by the evening.

Initially, the accident on Thames Bridge that left about 10 people killed had made it to press a panic button. “A full counterterrorism investigation is underway,” said BJ Harrington of the Metropolitan Police to the media later. However, he has asked the public to stay away from a broad section of central London and to report any suspicious activity and to share any images or video of the violence.

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