France Retaliates with Airstrikes on Syria, War Looms Larger Now?

In a knee-jerk reaction, France has upped the ante for Friday night terror attacks in Paris sending its aircraft hovering Syrican targets of Islamic State (ISIS) Monday morning as President vowed to be "unforgiving with the barbarians".

The French Defense Ministry said the air raids by 12 French aircraft had destroyed two Islamic State targets in Raqqa, the radical group’s self-proclaimed capital in Syria. The US government reportedly provided the French officials with information to zero in on Islamic State targets in Syria, known as “strike packages.”

Among the targets in Raqqa were a museum, urban buildings and a clinic, said NY Times citing informed sources. The raids began at 7:50 p.m. Paris time, and the first target was an Islamic State “command post, a jihadist recruitment center and a weapons and ammunition depot,” the Defense Ministry said and added that the second target was a “terrorist training camp.”

Other reports said the air raids knocked out electricity and water service in Raqqa spreading fear and sending the message of retaliation clearly to the IS hold in the town.

The strategy has switched French stand till now confining themselves to Iraq conflict to widen its reach beyond Iraq and the signals being sent are clear — Europe will not forgive terror attacks any more. This will also transcend into a reversal of the refugee policy that has been liberalised recently in view of sordid pictures of children washed ashore appearing in the media.

Friday night’s terror saw AK-47 wielding gunmen with explosives vest firing indiscriminately on civilians gathered at rock concerts, stadiums, restaurants on Friday night killing 129 people and injuring more than a 100. Reportedly, they had mentioned the name President Holland before committing the heinous crime and succumbing themselves to bomb detonations in a suicide bid.

At least a dozen countries have had attacks since the Islamic State, or ISIS, began to pursue a global strategy in the summer of 2014.

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