Fox News to Reveal Identity of the Man Who Shot bin Laden; What to Expect?

-Osama_bin_Laden_hideoutThe Fox News will reveal the identity of the US Navy SEAL known so far as the “Shooter” who shot Osama bin Laden dead in a cladestine mid-night raid in May 2011 at his hideout building in Abbottabad, Pakistan next month in an exlcusive interview.

The man who shot at bin Laden was interviewed by the Fox News channel and the exclusive will be aired in a two-part special episodes to be aired on Nov. 11 and 12. The program titled “The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden” will bring back his memories starting from the training and the events that led up to the raid. It will focus closely on his experience when he fired the deadly shots, killing the world’s most dreaded terrorist.

The interview will include exclusive details that the “Shooter” never shared in the past, said reports. In fact, the “shooter” told “The Esquire” last year his experience when he left the military in September 2012. He reportedly complained that there was lack of support and benefits in the navy, which denied reports saying he gave up the service after 16 years, instead of 20.

To recall the operation, 2 US Navy Seals helicopters flew from Afghanistan to Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, arriving at around May 2, 2011 at 0030 Hours local time Monday (0930GMT Sunday).

One of the Black Hawk helicopters develops problems. Anyway, 25 Seals breach three compound walls to reach the main building. As they entered the building, one person fires on the commandos. In return fire, three men and a woman were killed by the US Navy Seals. There were no US casualties.

They move on to the second floor and the three US commandos designated to find Osama Bin Laden find him with his wife. While the woman was shot in the leg, the “Shooter” shot twice at bin Laden, apparently point blank in head and killed him.Osama bin Laden making a video at his compound in Pakistan-2.jpg

In all the operation took 40 minutes and the Navy Seals left the compound with computer hard drives and other evidence, including bin Laden’s body. The US team leaves the compound after destroying the damaged helicopter.

So, the focus of the Fox News exclusive will cover the six months of training for the Navy Seals in a replica of the building built at two places near coasts.

Then, it will focus on how 25 Navy SEALS were selected for the task and how only three of them were given the task to apprehend bin Laden and one of them being the “Shooter” whose identity will be revealed on November 11, 2014.

From there, the “Shooter” will recount the first accident when one of the helicopters crashed on the compound wall and secondly, how they countered the firing from one of the security persons inside the building. Here some details on how many were actually encountered while entering the building will be discussed.

The second episode to be telecast on November 12 will unfold how they found bin Laden on the second floor of the building with his wife inside a room. Here the “Shooter” may recollect how bin Laden pleaded for mercy and the way his wife came in between to protect her husband from then but got shot in her leg.

Finally, the “Shooter” may explain why he had to shoot the world’s No.1 terrorist though three of them were sent for the task. As everybody knows, it was one of the most precise and highly accurate ambushes made in the history of the intelligence world.

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