Forget iPhone 4S, here’s ‘iPhone 5’ on sale in China

As Apple disappointed iPhone 5 enthusiasts, Chinese grey market has come out with its own version of iPhone 5 which is on “sale” and the price tag is merely $50, making it one of the cheapest smartphones.

Officials have swooped down on a mall in Shanghai and seized fake iPhone 5 devices on Wednesday, which were reportedly 90 percent replicas of Apple’s iPhones with the trademark embossed on them.

China’s news agency Xinhua reported that the distributor of the fake iPhone 5 claimed that the phones were manufactured in Shenzhen in southern China, where original iPhones are made for Apple.

The craze for Apple devices is so high in China that a 17-year-old student sold his kidney to buy an iPad 2 last year while another teenager offered to “sell her virginity” in return for an iPhone 4 recently on the Chinese-language Twitter service.


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