Forget Beijing, Clean Up Delhi Fast, says Greenpeace


Global climate awareness agency Greenpeace, citing the Central Pollution Control Board report, said Delhi’s average pollution at PM2.5 level in 2013 as 153μg/m3, based on hourly measurements at 6 different stations.
“This is 15 times the World Health Organization guideline and 3.8 times the national standar,” it said. Delhi’s average is also 80 percent higher than the average in Beijing, where pollution regularly makes  headlines and has led to exceptionally strong action to limit use of cars, industrial emissions and emissions from coal.

Delhi and Beijing are incomparable when it comes to monitoring stations, it said. Beijing’s continuous monitoring stations have live, downloadable data for all days but in Delhi, the monitoring stations run by Delhi Pollution control Committee (DPCC) had no data for 56 days in the year 2014.

Three out of the six stations by the DPCC which monitor the air quality in the city do not have accessible data. “Based on the available data for PM2.5 from three locations: R.K.Puram, Mandir Marg and Punjabi Bagh, we have made the health risk estimations for each of these areas in Delhi and have made comparisons with the average pollution levels for Beijing,” said the report.

These estimates are based on the methodology developed by the Global Burden of Disease Study, 2010, it stated. “Our estimates show an increased risk in lung cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and Ischaemic heart disease in these areas to be several times higher than that of Beijing.”

The recent study published in the Atmospheric Pollution Research Journal on air pollution and atmospheric processes, the National Capital Region of Delhi faces the highest health risks from air pollution. The journal cited a rapid increase in respiratory and cardiovascular mortality in the area as per the Table Below:

Table showing the increased health risks in the NCR Area between 2000-2010

YEAR 2000 2010
Total Mortality 11,394 18,229
Cardiovascular Mortality 3912 6374
Respiratory Moratality 1697 2701
Hospital Admission due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 16,253 26,525



  1. Don’t cry to Government only. Citizens take up responsibility. Obey rules. Look at Western countries and even China. The most irresponsible people are within India and Pakistan. Pakistan being the worst. Soon they are going to cry over Modi’s MAKE IN INDIA failure. Actually it is bound to fail as Indian workers are terribly disobedient and do not follow orders. In USA major importers are Indian Origin people with good buying/importing capacity. BUT they India is never their first option as it is very difficult to get a specified product as per their requirement…..they just don’t listen and manufacture substandard merchandise and wash their hands OFF.

  2. There is a saying HEALTH IS WEALTH if one is healthy he can improve his economical status. and his health depends on the atmosphere he is in otherwise in how much pollution he is in. This applies to a nation also immaterial of the Ruler of the day and its geographical location.
    Therefore I advise that the government has to give top priority to there pollution control ministry and give the power to vet all other ministries activities. so that the nation will have a controlled pollution or be Pollution free which will automatically increase the economical status of the nation wherever in the world.
    Hence I advice again to look in to the issue seriously and concentrate on a better Bharath.

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