For Shahrukh Khan, Joining Rs.100-crore Club is Too Less Now, Aims at Rs. 600 Crore

shahrukh khan

shahrukh khan

Bollywood’s richest actor and the world’s second richest movie star Shah Rukh Khan, whose films rarely fail to cross the Rs.100-crore mark, said Indian producers should target at least half of what Hollywood hit “Avatar” grossed, which has $2 billion or Rs.1,200 crore.

Going by what Shahrukh Khan was hinting at, the Indian filmmakers should stop celebrating when they cross Rs.100 crore benchmark, but aim at Rs.600 crore per film, which was proved by Shah Rukh Khan with his recent hits like “Chennai Express”, which was able to gross Rs.2 billion by conservative estimates and almost double, according to some reports.

With all the industry’s eyes on his upcoming film “Happy New Year”, the Bollywood Badshah is upbeat that his film would enter the Rs.500-crore club based on its plot, Farah Khan’s direction and the hype created around it already.

“Rs.100 crore is too less and people who don’t understand films and creativity in films put our work in these boxes (Rs.100-crore club). I would want every film to do roaring business. If we have to set a footprint globally, Rs.100 crore is too less. I would want each of our films to make as much money as Avatar. At least 50 percent of it,” Shah Rukh said at a press conference.

The star of Bollywood emphasized that thre is no limit to one’s creativity. “It is a good base to start off business-wise, but I don’t think of business as I am a creative person. I think there is no limitation to creativity,” he said.

The actor’s home production Red Chillies Entertainment has produced “Ra-One” and “Chennai Express”, while the next film “Happy New Year” is set for release on October 22.

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