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Representational Picture of traffic snarls on city roads

Flipkart Invites Ideas at Gridlock Hackathon to Solve Bengaluru Traffic Chaos

The 10-year-old E-commerce giant Flipkart, one of the prime victims of Bangalore’s notorious traffic woes has decided to take a plunge and bring all people on the same page to share ideas to reduce the traffic snarls.

Flipkart has announced the Gridlock Hackathon, an online initiative seeking people to share ideas to help resolve Bengaluru’s traffic blues.

“People can come in, collaborate, discuss, brainstorm. And seed certain ideas that can help solve part of the problem. It could be small localised junctions like Silk Board junction, KR Puram junction – what can be done for that. Or it could be a micro problem,” said Flipkart’s Chief Architect, Utkarsh B.

Refusing that there is a conflict of interest, he told NDTV, “None of the customers will be happy if the ecosystem around them is not happy,” and noted that Flipkart employees and delivery boys are among those who face the traffic chaos daily and in every corner of the city.

Under the Gridlock Hackathon, participants will be given two weeks time to submit their proposals in detail and then the best ideas will be short listed by a jury. The top ten teams will present their ideas before a jury, which will choose the winners.

The winners will be announced on July 1, 2017 and they will get Flipkart vouchers worth 2 lakhs, 1 lakh and 50 000 for the first three places.

Mr Utkarsh said, “We don’t just want a theoretical solution. We want them to convert it into a working prototype.”

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