FlipKart ‘Big Billion Day Sale’ Sells 1.5 Lakh Redme 1s By 1:45 PM

redmi1sIn a repetition of its “Flash Sales” on every Tuesday, Xiaomi was able to sell all its announced 1.5 lakh units of Redme 1S phones on Monday as part of the “Big Billion Sale Day” coinciding with the festive season.

In fact, the Flipkart website crashed briefly under pressure when the rush of consumers brought the e-retailer to technical snags though more than 10,000 staff were working online on this particular day. the company came back to life but by then all the top deals of the day were sold out.

Many users who had selected items and added successfully to their cart were later faced with the message, “Sorry, the item went out of stock”.

Anupam Gupta @b50 writes: “Disappointing experience with Flipkart. No email/SMS confirmation for order placed, site says “payment pending”. Amazon was better yesterday.”
Gupta was not alone as host of others have echoed similar disappointment on Twitter.

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