Flip-side of 3-D Printer: Replica of Bullet Developed for Deadly 3-D Printed Guns

A Pennsylvania-based machinist has developed a bullet designed to be fired specifically from 3D printed guns. His ammunition uses a thicker steel shell with a lead bullet inserted an inch inside.

The shell is deep so that it can contain the explosion of the round’s gunpowder instead of transferring that force to the plastic body or barrel of the gun.

“This allows a home-printed firearm made from even the cheapest materials to be fired again and again without cracking or deformation,” Michael Crumling, the 25-year-old machinist, was quoted as saying in a Wired.com report.

“You should be able to fire an unlimited number of shots through the gun without replacing any parts other than the shell,” Crumling added.

He recently shot 19 rounds from a 3D printed gun of his own design at a testing session in York, Pennsylvania.

“This is a building block for the future of 3D printed firearms that will enable people to develop semi-automatic and even fully automatic weapons,” he concluded.



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