Miss World 2014 Winner South Africa’s Rolene Strauss

South Africa's Rolene Strauss wins Miss World 2014 crown.

South Africa’s Rolene Strauss wins Miss World 2014 crown.

South Africa’s Rolene Strauss has won the coveted Miss World 2014 crown at a glittering ceremony held in London and Hungary’s beauty Edina KULCSÁR came second, while Miss USA Elizabeth Safrit was in third position.

Rolene Strauss, 22, of South Africa is a medical student. “South Africa is celebrating 20 years of democracy this year and I am a proud, born free citizen,” she said.

Rolene has attributed her success to her family. A fourth year Medical student, Rolene praises her father’s influence that made her get interested in medicine, and her mother who taught her the power of the mind and her brother, who has imparted the virtues of compassion and patience.

Stressing on a holistic approach to living, she hopes to create a business along these lines focusing on women’s health, by studying further for an MBA and becoming a doctor. Her hobbies include playing the sports golf, netball and cycling, and reading inspirational and educational books. She can also play the flute, piano and guitar.

Otherwise, those who made it to the top five include Hungary beauty Edina KULCSÁR, Australian beauty Courtney THORPE, South African representative Rolene STRAUSS, US beauty Elizabeth Safrit and host country England’s Carrina Tyrrell. The event was held on Sunday night in London, where the first Miss World competition was held 51 years ago.

India’s Koyal Rana, though made it to top 10, failed in the semi-final round.



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