Flash: Libya’s fleeing leader Gaddafi killed: reports

Unconfirmed reports said Libyan leader Moumar Gaddafi was killed. Initial reports said the report of the death could not be confirmed.

Reuters quoted rebel force leaders saying he was caught near his hometown Sirte that was confirmed by the National Transitional Council (NTC) with photographic evidence of a bloodied face with curly hair. Libyan television said NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil will address the nation, apparently to confirm the report.

Gaddafi was on the run for the last two months after loosing his grip over Tripoli to rebel commanders, backed by NATO forces.

Officials said some of Gaddafi’s close aides and family members were also killed in the incident on Thursday morning, while his sons were already taken prisoners. Another son, Saif, tipped as the heir-apparent, is still at large.

Additional reports said Gaddafi, 69, was attacked when he was travelling in a convoy that was reportedly attacked by NATO forces. He was fired at by rebel ground forces immediately and succumbed to his injuries while being taken in an ambulance.

Gaddafi came to power in 1969 after a military coup and remained one of the longest serving dictators in the world until he was thrown out be rebels in a civil war.

Known for his unique dress and self-styled tags like ‘the Brother Leader’, ‘Guide of the Revolution’, and the ‘King of Kings’, he was not seen without his trusted nurse for over a decade.

He was known for employing female bodyguards who were the most trusted for their loyalty to him than to their own lives.

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