arvind kejriwal in bangalore
Bengaluru: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal arrives at the Bengaluru International Airport in Bengaluru, on March 5, 2015. He is in Bengaluru for treatment at a private ayurvedic hospital. (Photo: IANS)

Fit Kejriwal Out of Bangalore’s Naturcare Institute But…

Describing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as “fresh and fit”, the Bangalore-based Jindal Naturecare Institute relieved him on Monday and the CM was rushed to the airport by AAP state convener Prithvi Reddy and a dozen other followers to catch an evening flight to Delhi.

“My cough and blood sugar level are under control now. I am feeling fresh and fit after treatment at Jindal,” Kejriwal said after his discharge from the hospital. He thanked the doctors and staff for taking care of him and said he was free from chronic cough and high blood sugar levels.

“I have been told to strictly keep away from aerated drinks and oily food. I have learnt a lot about the importance of diet, rest and regular exercises to stay fit and remain healthy,” Kejriwal added.

Kejriwal at Naturopathy institute. (IANS)

“He has recovered from the twin symptoms he had when he came here on March 5 and is fine,” Jindal Naturecure Institute medical officer Jayachandran told IANS later.

The cost was anyway not within the reach of an Aam Aadmi as cottage cost Kejriwal about Rs.17,000 per day and another Rs.10,000 to 12,000 for therapies, massages, yogic exercises and ayurvedic liquids, fresh juices and dietary food.

The 46-year-old Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said he paid the hospital bills from his own money and won’t seek reimbursement from the Delhi government.

Though the hospital rarely allows short-term stay such as 10 days, in view of Kejriwal’s hectic schedule and pre-occupation with political and other engagements, doctors have shortened his stay and advised him to continue a strict diet, take food at the prescribed hour and go to bed early and to get up early.

“As Kejriwal is unable to extend his stay here due to the upcoming budget session and other pressing engagements, we have prescribed a regime comprising naturopathy treatment, diet and exercises,” Jindal medical director Babina Nandakumar told IANS.

Kejriwal was earlier treated at the institute when he came with his mentor Anna Hazare in February 2012. He then had high blood sugar level but no cough.

“We gave detoxifying treatment in the form of yogic therapy and diet comprising vegetable and fresh juices, sprouts, ayurvedic liquids, soup, boiled vegetables and chapathis to rejuvenate his entire system,” the director added.

The institute has advised Kejriwal dietary changes and daily practice of prescribed yogasana, pranayama and kriya — a form of breathing technique to cleanse the inner body — when he returns to Delhi.

For many visitors to the institute, it is good for a couple of months before they return to their regular regime of city lifestyle and losing the effect of naturopathy. It remains to be seen how long Kejriwal maintains the strict health regime fixed by the Naturecare institute after his return to Delhi.

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