Fiitjee Claims Results Out but Website Crashes

India’s top IIT coaching centre FIITJEE has conducted one of the parallel IIT-centric Entrance test called FTRE 2015 on Dec. 27, 2015 amid chaos in several of its hundreds of centres across the country and parents who were informed by an SMS that the results are out today are equally upset.

When the page of Results Declaration was clicked, it was showing an error and landing users in a source code page, which could be because of website crash or unexpected rush to the website or some technical error. More than 3 lakh students appear just for FIIT-JEE entrance exams which has become a national race for aspiring candidates to IITs in the country and luring candidates with promises of fee concession by FIITJEE has caught on.

The fees varies from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2.2 lakh per student, almost double the fee paid by students in IITs or top engineering colleges in the country. the artificial competition created by coaching centres is becoming a phenomenon that is playing on parents who are putting pressure on their wards to achieve something they failed two to three decades ago.

Moreover, in the absence of a regulator from the governments, both Centre and state, in view of education being in concurrent list, it is unlikely that there will be a systematic screening of the dubious coahing centres mushrooming in the country at a time when technology can bridge the gap and make education much cheaper and accessible to all students.


FIITJEE - FTRE 2015 Results page throws up an error page.

FIITJEE – FTRE 2015 Results page throws up an error page.

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