FIIT-JEE Talent Reward (FTRE) Exam Turns Nightmare for Students, Parents

Come Sunday, students entering higher classes from fifth onwards to 12th standard face similar pressure — entering IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) via mushrooming coaching centres and FIIT-JEE tops them all in terms of fees and cramming pressure.

To attract more gullible parents, the Delhi-based coaching behemoth has even started a screening test for lakhs of students charging them Rs.750 for the so-called FTRE or Fiit-JEE Talent Reward Exam, that goes on throughout the year, raking in more money than the top film “Bahubali” could have collected on its frst week. The Forum for IIT-JEE (FIIT-JEE) Entrance is famiiar to many parents and IIT aspirants for over a decade in India but what shocked many Bangalore-based parents today, Sunday December 27, 2015 came the other way.20151227_090430

When students registered for the test on Sunday, the centre chosen by many of them at AECS Magolia Maruti Public School was clearly printed with address showing on Bannerghatta Road, next door to Shahi Exports. But when parents and students reached the venue, there was no notice nor any direction but a lone uniform-less security man of the school at the entrance to inform parents that the venue is two kilometres away in AECS Magnolia Maruti Public School for Pre-University Course in Kammanahalli, Bannerghatta Road.

Shocked parents and harassed students just took their cars and two-wheelers looking for the new venue, while parents from nearby apartments were seen walking briskly on the road to cover the distance or take an auto. But located one kilometre inside on erstwhile cemetery grounds, that too navigating the muddy roads from Meenakshi Mall has deterred many auto drivers saying they were not aware of the new venue nor the exact way to the Maruti PUC school.

Another twist was that Bangalore’s well-known Kammanahalli that houses several army-personnel’s post-retirements apartments like Jal Sena Vihar or Vayu Sena Vihar is waht some parents thought the venue was and chose it. And they were equally shocked to find that it is actualy 20 km away but bears the same name — Kammanahalli. Bangaloe has several places named similar and many of them are victims of overlapping name of the area.

When hastled parents with their wards toe reached the isolated venue finally, they were rudely told that the organisers of the FIIT-JEE are not available for any explanation by the security man at the gate. “We have paid huge amount just to take the test and you don’t even have courtesy to inform us about the change in venue. Where are the organisers?,” asked one agitated parent.

Another parent demanded the money back expressing his dismay saying, “You don’t care even to put up a notice at the venue about change in school location, how can we trust that you will take better care of our wards next?”. The school authorities managing the test turned silent and looked the other way. Those returning parents were in for another shock to see that Narayana Schools’ representatives at the corner of the venue distributing pamphlets about their coaching centres and similarly worded leaflets enticing the parents. This is the scene of many such coaching centres in Indian cities cashing in on gullible parents of wards whose future they want to make better for the sole mistake of having born in a country of more than one billion population.

The parents outside turned agitated at the attitude of the private coaching centres and their irresponsible attitude, leave alone coaching their wards to succeed in IIT-JEE entrance exam two to five years away. And FIIT-JEE is not alone in the money-making racket. Allen, based in Kota, Narayana and Chaitanya in Hyderabad, Byju Classes in Bangalore are others expanding exponentially all over India to rival FIIT-JEE in holding similar test, chargingĀ coaching fees varies from Rs.1 lakh to 2.2 lakhs per annum and for those in integrated schools or hostels, it would run into another lakh.

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  1. Rightly said. Similar incidents happen to me everytime with FTRE. The same case for Big Bang. Invigilators are very lenient. Though we didnt have any change in venue, the exam always starts very late. Both of my Big Bang Edge test and FTRE started on 10AM, which was supposed to be at 9. And our lunch time and study hour for Paper-2 is reduced to 30 min.

    This is a very serious issue, because its been happening every time. And to our dismay, we were requested to go to the ground floor and enter the hall after we were instructed to. Seriously? Why would they wanna make us linger on the day of exam-to-enter-the-so-called-mecca-of-jee-aspirants ?

    Hope the respective authorities consider this.

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