FIFA World Cup: Beware of Scammers, Spoofs, E-mail Virus Offering Free Tickets

fifa cupNow that the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is just three days far, the entire online world is going gaga over the event and not letting themselves behind, many scammers have kicked off efforts to target fans with spurious offers.

Global software firm Symantec has cautioned that it has already identified several World Cup scams, including:

• Emails promoting free tickets to the World Cup that contain a “malicious zip file with a remote administration tool (RAT) known as DarkComet.”
• Emails containing news and highlight reels about World Cup teams and players that can also be used to entice users to open up malicious attachments or click on malicious links.

• Scams claiming to offer free live streams that may ask you to fill out a survey or download and install software before you can unlock access to the live stream.

• Emails offering free tickets and lead you to fill in details of your address and end up leaving behind cookies and virus.

Symantec said there are several tools to protect customers against the malware, including a Backdoor.Breut detection and a one-year subscription to Norton Mobile Security, which is being offered free for a limited time, said the company.


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