FIFA World Cup 2014 Grand Opening Ceremony

2014-FIFA-World-Cup-Opening-Ceremony jennifer-lopez- Opening Ceremony Of The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil FBL-WC-2014-OPENING CEREMONYWith the soccer capital of the world hosting the world cup, the opening ceremony was touted to be one of the most exciting ones in recent times. And, the host country indeed managed to pull it off in all its grandeur with some fine performances to boast of.

The event kick started with a giant ball placed right in the middle of the pitch, around which the colorful dancers performed their acts. There were more than 500 performers on the pitch between the ages 12 and 62 respectively. They were dressed up as trees and wild varieties of flora that enthrall the Amazon forests and were indeed a treat to the eyes. Over 30 make up teams were hired to do the dressing for the gala event and the performers certainly looked stunning.

Then walked out another set of performers who were dressed up depicting the various musical instruments of the Latin country including the famous whistle, otherwise known as ’Apito’. This was followed by some breathtaking martial arts performances that have been a part of Brazil’s culture over the years. After that concluded, all the performers intertwined and broke into an innovative dance before they were called off the pitch by a little boy sporting a referee’s outfit and displaying a red card.

Then walked out some kids who each sported the flag of a nation participating in the world cup. They did a small gig kicking a football tied to their feet along with the rhythm of the music that was being played. This was followed by a huge Brazil flag being brought out to the centre and placed in front of the giant ball, which was displaying an array of colours all the while.

And all of a sudden, the ball flowered and out came Claudia Leitte, the Brazil singer J-Lo and Pitbull.

The trio started singing the official song for the world cup (Ole Ole) as the crowd joined in. The volumes however were extremely low and hence was not audible on most occasions. The trio then waved to the crowd as the segment concluded.

It was surprising that there was no inaugural speech in the event either from Brazil’s president or Sepp Blatter himself. But, the event ended faster than expected giving more time to the ‘build up’ to the match.

All in all, the carnival feeling was totally absent during the course of the entire ceremony. It looked subdued right from the moment ‘go’ and was a disappointment.

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