Fake bus Tickets in BMTC Buses in Bangalore Again?

In social media, it is making rounds that the BMTC bus passengers are getting fake currency notes which cannot be checked in hurry by commuters and they cannot escape it either.

When a commuter said he complained about but few heads turned around as if everybody knew about it. Soon the person realised that he was getting fake tickets as well while commuting by city uses in the tech capital of the country.

And many conductors knew about it and reportedly told him that "everybody knows it."

"There is no way I can refuse a fake ticket. Who will bell the cat?" he asks wondering whether it would be CBI.

While the fake currency is a Centre subject, fake tickets certainly are within the domain of the BMTC, which has been trying hard to check the menace.

Four years ago, a conductor was caught giving fake tickets which he had scanned and gave the copies to his bus passengers. As Bangalore Metro virtually came to standstill with no new metro lines coming into operation, BMTC buses are the only mode of transportation for the Bangalore citizens.

While the BMTC has a watermark of its logo on a regular ticket and a 3D hologram on its day-pass, the electronic ticketing machines are supposed to end the menace.

Currently, BMTC plies more than 10,000 city buses in Bangalore. But with fake tickets and fake currency circulating unchecked in these buses, who’s at loss?

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  1. Once again a wrong ticketing is done by the BMTC conductor Bus no. KA-01 FA-465,Afyer asking him u r taking more money by ticketing a wrong one, when i politely said, he misbehaves and it is being increased day by day with north indians.
    Thanks please focus media hete

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