Failed in Prelims? Here are some quick alternatives

CSAT 2014 Results Likely on Monday, October 13, 2014.

CSAT 2014 Results Likely on Monday, October 13, 2014.

The UPSC declared Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2014 results on Tuesday early morning on its website and those who have failed the exam must be shell-shocked at the moment to understand what could have gone wrong.

Numerous reason can be cited but negative marking a major impediment in such exams and the failed candidates should not lose their confidence but strive hard for the next time as the number of attempts have been increased to 5 from 3 in the past for general candidates.

Those with science subjects can try Indian Forest Service Examination too now, while students with arts subjects should focus on state public service commission exams and the bottomline is that the competition for these coveted government jobs is enormous and every year the entry level is few lakhs.

The emerging private sector is, nonetheless, is quite lucrative with high salaries on the platter. Those with funds can explore MBA option as well to hone their managerial skills, while those with administrative skills can opt for new ideas and embark upon e-commerce ventures.

In addition, the knowledge acquired while preparing for the Civil Services Exam should make candidates try other careers in media, especially the web-based online newspapers and can give it a serious attempt, provided their writing skills are excellent, irrespective of their language. Vernacular websites are on the rise and they are the future of web world in India.

Nothing comes easily in life and one has to choose a path and stick to it till they reach the goal.

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