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Facebook Reveals More Than You Want, Check Privacy Settings, Delete History, Keep it Safe!

facebookFed up with unwanted info you have given on your Facebook years ago but not able to get rid of it? It could be really emarrassing sometimes if your history is revealed to your new friends and employers or colleagues.

Make it a habit to frequently revisit and filter the unwanted info by deleting it from the Activity Log.

Here’s how you can do it to begin with.

Once you sign in to your Facebook account, click on Activity log in the upper-right corner. Or you click on your name in the top bar to open your Facebook page and then click the “View Activity Log” button on the right side where the photo is displayed.

The Activity Log contains several entries frequently updated by Facebook and look for filters at the left-hand side column that shows the the posts in your Timeline. Or you can chose “Your Posts” or only “Photos,” or things you’ve “Liked” and “Comments” you’ve made on posts, photos and videos in the past.

The link to “More” gives out info about the “Videos,” “Groups” and “Location History” of you in the past and whenever you want them location to be deleted this is the place to go and remove it. Or keep you location secret as many instances of burglaries are reported based on your location revelation on the Facebook.

Besides Location History, your search history is also known to anyone who gets access to your account. While the best option is never to search on Facebook, sometimes unknowingly people search on it to save time.

To keep tab on your search history in Facebook, look in the left column of the Activity Log and click “More” under “Photos, Likes and Comments” and click on “Search” at the bottom of the list. Delete individual entries by clicking the “circle with a slash” icon and selecting “Delete.” You can also click “Clear Searches” at the top if you want to remove the entire history.

Going down a bit, you will see the apps you’ve installed and the posts they’ve made on your Timeline, especially news websites. But limiting past posts, you can remove the older ones. You can also change the status of your past posts from everyone to friends, chaning the privacy settings. Go to the page, click the upside-down triangle and select Settings.

Select the “Privacy” link in the left-hand column under “Who can see my stuff?” and click the “Limit Past Posts” link. Next, select the “Limit Old Posts” button and alter the privacy setting of every post to “Friends.” But then, to make some of them all anyone, you have to do it manually again.

Also, go to the “View Activity Log” button and select “View as…” and check how a stranger is seeing your Facebook page and look for problems if any. Either change their privacy settings or remove them.

Remember that Facebook often violates your privacy settings and keeps record of all your details more than the Interpol or the police. Hence, you should be wary of what information you are giving out unknowingly or knowingly.

In some cases, giving home address to Facebook ends up inviting trouble at your doorsteps. Either don’t give or give vague info.

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