Facebook Launches ‘Safety Check’ a-la Google ‘Person Finder’ During Natural Disasters

Not to be left behind the global trend, social networking website Facebook has launched a tool called “Safety Check” that lets users notify friends and family members about their safety during emergencies or natural disasters, following similar features on Google called “Person Finder”.

The “Safety Check” tool will be available to all Facebook users numbering 1.32 billion users currently and is available both on desktop and mobile phones. Those with basic phones can also use the feature.

Though Facebook members can always reveal that they are safe online, the new feature will make it easier for people to tell the world that they are safe after some kind of natural disaster, if they are in the vicinity, said Facebook.

The tool was developed after studying the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, taking into consideration the kind of messages sent on Facebook during the disaster and its aftermath, said the company.

Once users choose the tool, it determines their location and the city where they last accessed Facebook using the Internet and in case they are in the affected area, “Safety Check” will send them a notification asking if they’re safe. If they answer “yes”, their Facebook friends will be notified about the status. It has no option to say “NO.”

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