FaceBook Invite: What to expect on top of Android?

Facebook has invited select group of journalists to an event it calls “new home on Android”, creating enough space for rumour mill to trigger anticipation for an android-based mobile phone exclusively for facebook users.

It is perhaps a culmination of rumours that Facebook is building its own version of mobile phone meant for easy access to Facebook all over the world.

Ever since the first release of its device CloudTouch in 2011 that went bust, the tech writers around the globe are hoping for a reality check on what Facebook’s next device would be.

Come Thursday, Facebook will reveal another device similar to a mobile phone and its success will depend on its integration of Facebook functionality. Whether it would be called a mobile phone or merely a facebook device remains to be seen. It will certainly have Android as OS but more browser-like elements integrated into it. Perhaps its own search engine as well.

The forthcoming event at the company’s Menlo Park, California will unveil how Facebook wants the so-called tech integration of its social networking goes in tandem with the mobile technology.

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