‘Facebook Generation’ happier than teenagers a decade ago when social media Wasn’t There

facebookToday’s “Facebook Generation” is happier and healthier than teenagers a decade ago, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Public Health.

Adolescence is a crucial stage in life when you lay the foundation for adulthood and the study findings claimed a growing proportion of 11 to 15-year-olds, dubbed the “Facebook Generation”, are less likely than their predecessors to do drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and be bullied.

“We have seen a decline in young people experiencing bullying, drinking alcohol weekly, and increasing numbers living free from tobacco and cannabis,” said Prof. Candace Currie from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

The results show that over the last decade an increasing proportion of adolescents eat fruit and vegetables, which is a good sign of healthcare and are physically active on a daily basis, keep their teeth clean, practice safe sex, and find it easy to talk to their parents about things that matter to their health and social relationships.

The general feeling that young people are better off today than a decade ago could also be attributed to changes in fashion, behavioural norms and societal values, which have changed over the period.

However, if there was one thing teens today did not do as well as their predecessors, it was personal social interaction, which has declined due to the wave of smartphones eroding their need to be present physically anywhere.

The new phenonomenon, called by researchers the “Facebook effect”, makes teenagers more likely to stay in the rooms and play with gadgets than go out and be with their friends.



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