Facebook to Introduce ‘Dislike’ Button Finally on Posts

With little choice for many on Facebook wither to like a post or keep silent, now the social media giant has decided to introduce “Dislike” button on Facebook Page that should showcase the public liking or not liking openly.

The social networking site’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apparently realized the need to answer the aspiration of nearly 1.5 billion Facebook users and soon a “Dislike” button will reveal true feelings on your friends’ wall or respond to anti-humanity views.

However, Facebook is yet to answer to the need to be silent on obits and death news. Often marking ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ on death news evokes antipathy among the viewers. However, it may take time to look for a solution to this.

Founded on 4 February 2004, the decade-long experiment of Facebook has seen many changes over the period with the introduction of ‘Like’ button to begin with and taking the other side of the view now. “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” says the social media outfit.

Currently, the option is not straight-forward. One can dislike pages by visiting the left column of your Home News Feed under the Pages section click Create Page > at top click the Pages I Like button > to the right of each Page point at the Liked button and the menu that opens has the option to unlike the Page. See image here:

BROWSER/DISABLE ADD-ON TECHNIQUE allows it in the following browsers:

GOOGLE CHROME: Open browser. Click customize(wrench) > Tools > extensions > disable add-on desired.

FIREFOX: Open browser. Click menu > Tools > Add-ons > disable add-on desired.

SAFARI 2.x: From Safari menu select ‘Preferences’, click the ‘Security’ tab, uncheck ‘Enable Plug-ins’, click OK, close and relaunch your Internet browser.

SAFARI 3.x: Click the Safari menu, select ‘Preferences’, select ‘Security’ tab, remove check from ‘Enable Plug-ins’.

Since, they can be re-enabled, if someone wants to permanently remove the program files on PCs: Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (on Windows 7 operating system this is ‘Programs and Features’ folder) > select program and click delete. You will need to restart your computer.

Now that Facebook is contemplating with the “Dislike” button on posting, it is much easier and the choice is more clear now.

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