Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg addresses at the Internet.org Summit - 2014 in New Delhi, on Oct.9, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Facebook Addicts Have Poor Impulse Control, Prone to Drug Abuse: Study

The use of Facebook has alarmingly becoming an excessive phenomenon of late that recent studies have shown that the Facebook addicts or those who use it excessively have been associated with other disorders like poor impulse control that can lead to substance abuse, a new research shows.

The study was conducted on 292 undergraduate students aged 18 years or more by psychologist Julia Hormes from the University at Albany, New York, who evaluated them on criteria similar to the one used to assess alcohol addiction.

Nearly 90% of them had an active Facebook profile and they were found spending one-third of their online browsing time on the social networking site. About 10% of users experienced what researchers classified as “disordered social networking use”.

This group had also shown problems related to poor impulse control, which is a risk factor for substance addiction.

“These participants reported addiction-like behaviour and showed irritability when they were without access to Facebook and an increase in use over time,” researchers said.

According to Hormes, the research may help categorise disordered social networking as a behavioural addiction, reports said. (IANS)

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