FAA Issues Guidelines on Drones’ Use; Will it Usher in New Commercial Avenue?


amazon droneThe US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has revealed a set of new guidelines to channelize the way Drones can be commercially used in deliversy and courier services in the country.

Just a week ago, there was a near collision at Los Angeles International Airport between a drone and a Southwest airlines aircraft at an altitude of 4,000 feet.

The small UAVs are already growing popular in Southern California and other regions, despite lack of rule and regulations. But the danger of these drones entering the airspace meant for huge aircraft has made it imminent to limit their usage and form the new set of guidelines, said the FAA.

Now drones should be flowin within sight of the operator, who should avoid causing hazards to airports. The drones can fly below 500 feet. Barring aged drones’ usage, the lifespan of drones has been limited to 17 years now and they must pass a federal clearance. The maximum weight was set at 55 pounds and their speed cannot exceed 100 mph.

Keith Kaplan, who heads the US commercial drone association, was roped in while forming the rules by the administration at the White House last year, said, “This rule-making is very important because it sets standards, just like with a manned aircraft, where you follow certain procedures to that you eliminate human error,” but he noted that it would take at least 3 to 5 years before the Act comes into effect.

The proposal comes in the wake of many online retailers like Amazon taking on to skies to deliver on time with a drone delivery system, while smaller businesses like filmmaking and real estate are entering the aerial view presentations.

Jared Hoffen, owner of Drones Plus in Studio City, told media has reported $20,000 sales in the first week of opening, giving rise to industry to grow faster in a year or two.

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