Exit Poll Results Out; Akhilesh Next UP CM?

The exit polls are out for the results of assembly elections in five states, with Uttar Pradesh going to Akhileash Yadav – Rahul Gandhi front winning comfortable majority to form the government.

Exit poll results for the bitterly fought Assembly Elections were aired on all major TV news channels on Thursday evening, after the statutory embargo ended. Uttar Pradesh outcome is seen as a virtual referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity after his demonetization last November that rattled many feathers, both rich and poor.

Modi was leading the rallies during the final phase of campaigning in Uttar Pradesh as the SP-Congress combine began to emerge as a strong force to reckon with. In fact, much before the exit polls came out, Mulayam Singh Yadav announced: "SP-Congress alliance is getting a majority in UP, Akhilesh will be the CM."

UP saw 61% voting, Punjab 73%, Goa 83% and Manipur 83% in the latest phase of elections. However, exit polls remain short of accuracy as Bihar Exit polls showed a clear win for BJP and finally the JD, RJD, Congress combine won the elections as shown in the table below that is circulating in Twitter currently.

Here is a look at ABP Exit Poll Results showing a clear win for SP-Congress combine.

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