Exclusive! Bharat Bandh Update: Chhattisgarh Banks to Remain Closed

Due to nationwide strike, to protest against the labour reforms proposed by the government, the central trade unions have decided to go ahead with the bandh.

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However, MF Monitor got an exclusive letter sent to State Bank of India’s official says that tomorrow the banks will remain be closed and they will protest against the government.

Here is a copy of the exclusive letter:


India will face yet another bandh on September 2 as Central trade unions going ahead with one-day nationwide strike to protest against the labour reforms proposed by the government.

Union leaders said that the strike will affect the fucntioning of essential service like transport and supply of power, gas and oil. But Bharath Mazdoor Sangh clamied power, oil and gas supplies will not be affected as a number of public sector workers would not participate in the nationwide strike.

However, Schools and Colleges will be remained open and there has been no official declaration of holiday is yet announced.

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