Emergency Meeting Triggers Concern Over Queen Elizabeth’s Health Ahead of Elections

queen 90 birthday

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and members of the Royal Family join a huge street party and parade on the Mall in celebration of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday.(www.royal.uk)

An emergency meeting of royal staff called at the Buckingham Palace on Thursday triggered concerns about the health of Queen Elizabeth, 91 and her consort, Prince Philip, 95. Though the Buckingham Palace official denied any cause for concern, the meeting’s urgency has remained the most-talked about issue in London today.

After the meeting at 10 am, Buckingham Palace said in a statement: “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn of this year. In taking this decision, The Duke has the full support of The Queen.”

Earlier the tabloid “Sun” briefly reported online that Prince Philip was dead and later removed it. Ending the speculation, the statement said Prince Philip will attend previously scheduled engagements until August, but will not accept new invitations. Prince Philip is patron of more than 780 organisations.

The emergency meeting was scheduled to be addressed by Lord Chamberlain and Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary, Christopher Geidt, the top royal officers, which was another indicator of the seriousness of the emergency meeting that raised several eyebrows of the reporters engaged in the Royalty News coverage.

Both the Queen and Prince Philip recently returned to London after an Easter break and participated in public functions recently and “There’s no cause for alarm,” said a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity to Reuters. The Queen met Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday to formally agree to the dissolution of parliament in view of elections in June.

Any development in the Buckingham Palace will have a direct bearing on June elections, which may be postponed in case of any clash with royal dates.

Queen Elizabeth II in March 2017 admitted openly that they skipped several functions in the Festive Christmas season due to “heavy colds”. Baroness Shirley Williams, co-founder of the Lib Dems, who met the Queen at an event at Buckingham Palace, said the illness was a “particularly grisly mixture of cold and flu which had been going around, lots of people have had it.”

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