The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi meeting the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, in Ufa, Russia on July 10, 2015. (File Photo- PIB)

Embarrassed India Rejects US Pro-Active Mediation with Pakistan

Embarrassed over United States ambassador to the United Nations Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley’s statement that the US will play a pro-active role between India and Pakistan, New Delhi rejected the offer and reiterated its stand that the issue should be resolved bilaterally.

Embarrassed over the ignorance of Haley about India’s decades-old stand on Kashmir not to allow a third party role, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Gopal Bagley said the pressing question now is to end the Jihadistic militancy in Pakistan.

In a swift change of tone, US said India, Pakistan should talk directly to each other, covering the faux-pas by Haley, who was of Indian-origin but clearly lacking the intricacies of the seven decades old Indo-Pak rivalry.

Instead of offering mediation, US should concentrate on the formidable outgrowth of terrorist groups in Pakistan which may not stop at India-Pakistan border alone but swell into a global problem that the US cannot alone fight. In fact, the US needs India’s mediation to talk to Pakistan in stemming seeding grounds of terrorim on Pakistan soil.

Fresh with mandate the Trump Administration is over-enthusiastic to end global issues but not deciphering the mountain of terrorism in its erstwhile friendly nation where it had sowed the seeds to begin with way back in the 1970s when Cold war rivalry was ripe. Now that the US too was dragged into the clutches of terrorism, the need of the hour is to stem the breeding grounds than mediating for the borders.

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