Elections: This time Modi regime, say Indians in Tampa Bay

tampa bay,florida“Ab ki baar Modi sarkar (this time, Modi regime)”, said the Indians gathered here to snatch a glimpse of their favourite Bollywood stars and enjoy their performances at the IIFA green carpet.

Covering the 15th edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards at Tampa Bay, Florida, an IANS journalist spoke to some of the Indians present at the ceremony Saturday.

Most of the expatriates said they keep a close tab on the Indian politics and feel it’s time for a change and that Bharatiya Janata Party leader Narendra Modi should be the next prime minister.

Sudha Patel has been living in Tampa Bay for 26 years, but she keeps a close watch on the happenings back in India.

“This is the high time and now things will change in India. We have given 10 years to the Congress now we are looking forward for the change. We are waiting for the results and I hope at least now we see the difference,” Sudha told IANS.

“I am not saying this because of any other reason but purely because I have been to Gujarat and I see a huge difference there. The development in Gujarat is great and I am certain things will change all over India if Modi comes into power,” she added.

One of the audience members, who has lived here with the family for the past 10 years, too shared the same sentiments.

“We have given 10 years to Congress and we don’t see any development in our country. I am certain corruption will be eradicated from the root if Modi becomes the prime minister of India,” he said.

The polling for 10-phased 16th Lok Sabha Elections will end May 12 and the results will be announced May 16.

Tejal Shah, a Gujarati living here for the past 35 years, says development in Gujarat “speaks volumes” about the state’s chief minister Modi’s leadership quality.

“If he comes into power, I feel he is capable of bringing the change in the country. I think he deserves to be the prime minister. Now let’s wait and watch till the results are out,” she said. (ians)

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