All India Democratic Women Association (AIDWA) activists demonstrate against Uber taxi rape case in front of Delhi Police Headquarters in New Delhi, on Dec 8, 2014. (IANS)

Ban no Solution, Educate Cab, Auto Drivers, Revamp Certification Process

In a city where hundreds of people depend on taxis or cabs for their journey, the sudden ban on many cab operators on Tuesday without pre-plan sends wrong signals again from the authorities who are not prepared to take long-term solutions.

In a knee-jerk reaction, the Delhi police has banned Uber cabs, Ola cabs, Taxipixis and Taxi for Sure in Delhi as they are not recognised by the Delhi Transport Department. Another reason cited was the negligence of Uber taxi to verify the antecedents of the driver, who had criminal background.

Uber cab case is another indication that the authorities get into action only when such unfortunate incidents create uproar in the media. In fact, many such cases have been reported to the police on Uber cabs in the past but only when the Friday rape incident managed to set the social media go viral that the authorities woke u to the reality.

Apart from the cases against Uber Taxis, a global taxi operator, the driver himself is seen to be a recidivist, who has been in Tihar jail in 2011, facing a sexual assault case.

Time has come for the country to look at the root-cause of the whole problem. The country’s taxi drivers and auto drivers need lessons in basic etiquette, moral mindset and the fear of certification and its denial like the pilot licensing procedure by an independent authority.

Until then, such rape cases will repeat all over the country, with the momentum gained from the 2012 Delhi gang rape case. Thanks to the media and social media, the government and the authorities have to spend more sleepless nights over such incidents unless they begin to answer the issue in totality.

If auto drivers are taught not to refuse the passengers a ride at the night, half the problems will be solved in this country. Remember, the Delhi gang rape victim and her friend were denied ride by auto drivers and became victims of the gang in a bus.

As Gandhi feared, no woman in India is independent unless she can freely walk alone in the mid-night as well. Except Tokyo and Singapore, few cities can take pride in this respect, never the capital Delhi.

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