Ebola Zombies: Why Liberian Dead Victims’ Resurrection is a Hoax?

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Representational picture of an aid worker in Ebola-stricken region. (WHO Photo)

Liberian newspaper the New Dawn has reported that three Ebola victims who were dead came back to life just before their burial, fueling another angle of fear among the already panic-stricken villages in Liberia, a cruel joke to those who are suffering with the entire world just watching and paying lip sympathy.

With the official numbers of the dead in the West African countries rising above 3,300 so far, estimates put the total figure to rise beyond 1.2 billion by the turn of the year, the seriousness was purportedly exploited by the report, which tried to send mysterious signals to people all over the world.

Here is the original text of the report titled”

Dead Ebola patients resurrect?


The incident was reported from Ganta in Nimba area of Liberia when a team began to wear protective clothing prior to the burial of the body of a woman who died of Ebola. Both females, there was no record that they were declared dead of Ebola to begin with but when their bodies were being prepared for burial, they came back to life, according to the report written by Franklin Doloquee, Nimba County on Septmebr 24.

Secondly, the same report claims their NewDawn Nimba County correspondent said “the late Dorris Quoi of Hope Village Community and the second victim only identified as Ma Kebeh, said to be in her late 60s, were about to be taken for burial when they resurrected”, while the same report written by Doloquee states that he was writing from Nimba County. If so, who was this ghost correspondent being quoted in the report?

Thirdly, no other independent verification was done by any other report nor was it taken to its logical conclusion before setting off the other media on a look out for more details. It was a hoax from the very nature of its format and apparently aimed at getting more mileage over the dead bodies.

Fourthly, Some residents of Nimba county refused to live with Dorris Quoi, whom they had branded a ghost, says the report. whether or not, the report certainly makes her a ghost henceforth and it was not unbiased and cross-checked report but one with malicious intention.

Finally, no local health worker nor any official confirmed the report or the resurrection theory that makes it a hoax and satirical websites made news over the dead bodies as was the original report.

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  1. We’ll look who’s smart. Your evidence that the the Ebola virus doesn’t exist was full of logical fallacies. More like Bullshit, the effects of the Ebola virus are incontrovertible I know, but it doesn’t exactly rule out that they were resurrected. There was no hard evidence in the above statement. You shouldn’t go around castigating the people who wrote those articles, they clearly know what there talking about.

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