Earth Day: India can show how to mitigate climate change, says PM Modi

India knows its responsibility to Mother Earth. File Photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Civil Services Day function, in New Delhi on April 21, 2015.(PIB)

Despite repeated assurances, India is coming under radar over its contributions to the Green Fund and following US ambassador Richard Verma’s veiled ‘caution’ that the world is “watching India”, India responded today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said India can show the way to the world in mitigating climate change, reiterating its demand that the developed world should pay for the green Fund first and India would stick to its avowed approach of “Common but Differentiated Responsibility”.

On the occasion of Earth Day, the prime minister in his tweets to the nation said: “Caring for the environment is an integral part of our ethos. India can truly show the way to the world in mitigating climate change.”

“Earth Day is the perfect occasion to reaffirm our commitment to keep our planet clean, green and focus on sustainable development,” Modi said.

He added: “We belong to a culture that believes in the mantra – “earth is our mother and we are her children.”

Earth Day has been an annual event since 1970 and is celebrated on April 22. While Google added its quiz-based new interactive animation, the issue of who should pay for the Green Fund and how much has taken the centre-stage ahead of the December Conference at Paris.

There are efforts from all the 182 countries under the UN umbrella to thwart a Lima-like situation that ended in no concrete results to address the vexing green house issue that is threatening the future of the

India’s environment minister Prakash Javadekar, speaking at the major Economies Forum meeting that took place in Washington on April 19-20, said India is ready to walk the talk for a fair and equitable agreement but would not join “bullying tactics and will not allow yet another Copenhagen in Paris. The days of bulldozing have gone and now we have to work like ants to build the Earth together,” the minister warned the developed countries.

He said Paris meet would succeed only when every country presents its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) and these get implemented in true spirit. But he reminded the developed world again saying it “must fulfil its financial commitment.”

The minister deplored the way developed world is trying to make business out of natural disaster called green house effect, for which he repeatedly blamed the developed world.

India also expects that there needs to be urgent action in the pre-2020 period and it must not be delayed by developed countries, said the minister. “Any delays threaten the credibility of their ambition and commitment to combat climate change,” Javadekar said.



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