DPS Noida Shields Senior Students in Ragging Incident, FIR Lodged

Delhi Public School, known for its wide chain of schools all over India, has ignored the Anti-Ragging Law and failed to protect Class 11 students when they were beaten and injured in the so-called ragging incident in its hostel. The injured students were hospitalized and then an FIR was lodged.

Though the injured student was hospitalized, the school did not even inform the parents. “My son was injured and hospitalized but the school authorities failed to even inform us about his condition or the incident,” said the parent of a boy in a telephonic conversation with NDTV.

The senior students reportedly targeted the fresh Class 11 students, took away their food brough from home and even locked some of them in their rooms. When protested, they were beaten black and blue as was seen on NDTV news telecast on Wednesday morning.

DPS chain of schools are aware of the 2009 incident that drove  19-year-old Aman Satya Kachroo to death after ragging and it was officially banned by the Supreme Court. Despite rules and regulations, hardly any such incident comes to the notice of the public.

Even in DPS Noida case, the student had reported to the authorities and returned home fearing persecution by seniors on May 5. When parents consoled him and sent him back, he was allegedly beaten and injured severely forcing the authorities to hospitalize him, said reports.

DPS, known for its world-wide chain of schools is known for steep fees being collected from every student from Class 1 to Class 12 ranging from Rs. 72,000 to Rs.1.25 lakh, in addition to varying fees in the name of Classroom TV or Edutor or other third party courses, which are compulsory.

Despite collecting huge fees, hardly did teachers make use of these third-party teaching materials in class rooms and they turn out to be extra income for outsiders and the managements in several schools. It is high time the HRD Ministry take care of such school chains instead of interfering in BHU or JNU.

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