DPS Finds New Ways to Charge ‘Re-Admission’ Fee From Existing Students

With huge competition among the students to join good colleges especially for the Plus Two system under CBSE, Delhi Public School chain has hit upon the idea of charging continuing students an entirely new ‘re-admission fee’ of Rs.25,000.

While in the past Rs.18,000 was charged from the students seeking to continue in DPS, the Bangalore-South school had assured the parents that the new Rs.25,000 this year would be adjusted towards the regular tuition fee and collected it in February itself as a guarantee to keep the seat reserved for those selected from its own Class 10 stream. 

With many continuing students preferring to remain with the DPS Bangalore-South, the school began to charge admission fee as usual in May and retained the Rs.25,000 as ‘re-admission fee’ without adjusting it. When parents questioned, the school authorities told them that it was towards reservation of the seat and non-refundable and dodged on the question that it would be adjusted in the overall fee.

“This was never expected from the DPS as we were assured that the amount would form part of the Class 11 fee but now it is not, bringing extra burden on the parents at a time when little time is left to ponder other choices,” complained one parent on condition of anonimity. As such the fee is non-refundable, he added.

Since many students and their parents have mentally prepared to remain with DPS, they were helpless but to take the additional burden. Since the education comes under concurrent list, little can CBSE do with schools which are innovative in fleecing more fee from an artificial competition that is created for Plus Two system in anticipation of a seat in professional streams.


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