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Domestic Airlines to Hike Number of Flights by October

Domestic flyers will now have more choices by this October as airliners are planning to operate 14,000 weekly flights.

Earlier, there were around 12,300 domestic flights a week. This new increase in number of flights amounts to be around 13.5 per cent comparing to last winter.

Meanwhile, sources from DGCA has said that two new airports will be operating during the winter schedule, Durgapur airport in West Bengal and Kadapa airport in Andhra Pradesh.

Indian airlines have got permission to operate around 1400 additional flights in the upcoming winter which starts from the last Sunday of October. Currently around 12,000 flights are operated by Air India in a week.

Around the world airlines follow a winter and summer schedule. The winter starts from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March of the following year. Rest of the year follows summer schedule.

However, every airliner has to mention an alternate airport, in case of bad weather.

In winter, visibility drops so low that landing and take off is not possible. DGCA will give its final nod for airlines to operate the flights they proposed in winter only after if the alternate airport are well equipped to allow land planes safely in low visibility and bad weather conditions.

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